Specialist Guide

While starting off in NosTale you begin your journey as an Adventurer! After you level up your job (the pink bar) to level 20 and have a combat level (yellow bar) of 15 you can visit Mimi Mentor and change classes. :3 Job-changing; When you are Lv. 20, you can choose one of three classes.

Master of short attacks, SWORDSMAN

The dead shot, ARCHER

SORCERER, who handles the power of mother nature.


 Each of the three classes above, in bold blue print can use a specialist card of each of the four elements in NosTale (Fire, Water, Light, Dark). At combat level 36, you can challenge your first Mysterious Soul Gem in Fernon Entry (one of the areas in NosTale) to a series of tests and earn a specialist card. If you are a swordsman you will get a swordsman specialist card from the Mysterious Soul Gem and NOT and archer or magician specialist card.

 After you receive your specialist card and job level it to 20 you will have all the skills for that specialist card. Each level after Lv. 20 on your specialist card will award three points onto that card and can be level up to Lv. 99. (99x3=297 points) As a point of fact, if you are trying to level your normal job level; specialist cards that are level 20 or higher will split the job experience gain between your normal job level and your specialist job level. (50% -> normal job, 50% -> specialist card)

You can add more points to your cards by upgrading them. ...


 Allocation Chart (incompleate)

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